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"The 3D DarkRave"

With DJ's Darkwave, Dangler and Dailor. "3 D", get it?

This event was held at Vertex on April 28th, 2002, and was cooked up by DJ Darkwave as way to introduce some "non-Vertex" music to the good peoples of Vertex. It was a night of trance, electronica and bangin' industrial accompanied by 3D visuals, and we handed out free 3D glasses at the door. Hope you still got your specs, cuz there's plenty of 3D pix on the pages that follow.

The 3D DarkRave featured:

DJ Dangler
DJ Darkwave
Mike Dailor
Cat Women Of The Moon 3D
The Robot Monster
Future Shock
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 3D
The Mask (1962 3D version)
It Came From Outter Space 3D
13 Ghosts
Andy Pokon


Mike Dailor & Snailgirl

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Still got your 3D glasses?
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