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Welcome! AngstLAB is Rochester, NY's longest-running dressed-in-black club event, in continuous operation since 1994. AngstLAB is currently held every Thursday night at Vertex, click here for more details. On this site you'll find many years of Vertex and AngstLAB history, from 15-year-old photos to last week's playlist and everything in between. Come on in!

AngstLAB is all about music, and this is where you'll find it. Browse the weekly playlists, dig through the online record crates, find out who did that cool video you saw last week, make a request for this week, catch up on your favorite bands and discover new ones.  GO >>

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It's just not possible to throw a party like AngstLAB for 15+ years without collecting a massive amount of crap, and this is where we stash it. Check out band autographs, promotional flyers, scrapbooks, mothballed websites, TONS of photos, and of course our favorite holiday: Halloween!  GO >>



2/25/2010 >> New RE[TRO]SPECT video: International Rescue

1/11/2010 >> New RE[TRO]SPECT video: Living On Video

1/11/2010 >> New RE[TRO]SPECT video: The Reflex

12/31/2009 >> New RE[TRO]SPECT video: Missing


7/25/2024 >> The next AngstLAB @ Vertex

10/31/2010 >> Halloween 2010 @ Vertex

12/31/2009 >> New Years Eve: AngstLAB Edition at Vertex

12/24/2009 >> Yes, Vertex *IS* open Christmas Eve!


9/30/2010 >> Underground: Rewound

9/23/2010 >> Underground: Rewound

9/16/2010 >> Underground: Rewound

9/9/2010 >> Underground: Rewound


12/25/2009 >> Vertex Winter Holidays 2009

10/31/2009 >> Halloween 2009 at Vertex

10/31/2008 >> Halloween 2008 at Vertex

12/31/2007 >> Vertex Winter Holidays 2007
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