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Homegrown Holidaze 2004

The AngstLAB Homegrown Holidaze project was launched in 2004 as a way for local (Rochester, NY) musicians to get their music into the ears of the public. I put out a call for submissions of holiday-themed music that would be played at the annual AngstLAB Christmas show and then hosted here on this page afterward for your year-round listening pleasure. This idea came to me pretty late in the Christmas season, which may or may not be the reason that I only received 3 submissions (one of which was my own, so ok, 2 submissions technically), but next year I will make a bunch of noise about it in November and then we'll take another swing at it. If you *did* hear about this project and were thinking about submitting a song but then procrastinated your way out of it, think about this: you and 250 other people could've heard your song 3 times that night, and you could've watched a floor full of people dance to it as well. So set your sites on Homegrown Holidaze 2005, I'll start nagging you next Halloween.

In the meantime: please enjoy these wicked cool tracks from Homegrown Holidaze 2004. Merry Christmas!

Jason Barbero - What Is Christmas

Theresa Snyder - Christmas Chant

Mike Dailor - Karol of the Bellz

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