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H2K - Halloween 2000

Halloween 2000!

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Thursday, October 12, 2000

Story by staff music critic Jeff Spevak

At GQ on Halloween night, “It’s gothic industrial meets the gay crowd,” says Mike Dailor of “Dragula’s Ball,” an event that blends the club’s two crowds. Thursdays are drag nights at GQ, 444 Central Avenue; Wednesdays are Dailor’s “Vertex on the Road” shows, a night for the gothic crowd that lost its home when the Liberty Pole Way club burned down in July.

Dragula’s Ball will start at 10PM Halloween night; admission is $4. And for folks looking to get an extra night’s use out of their costumes, Piranah (204 North Water Street) will play host to a pre-Halloween bash on October 28th, with Dailor putting on his familiar “Underground ‘80s” dance party, along with a performance by the local techno-groove outfit A New Sense.
The night will also feature the appropriately named Amanda Ghost, although the modern rock chanteuse isn’t particularly scary. Admission is $5.

Dailor is also creating an ‘80s theme for Dragula’s Ball, with gay ‘80s hits by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Madonna going head to head, so to speak, with the dressed-in-black crowd’s ‘80s faves such as Sisters of Mercy “and the newer bands like Apoptygma Berzerk that sound kinda like rave-meets-disco,” says Dailor. "Plus we'll have drag shows going on throughout the nite, but we're not going to stop the party for the shows; you'll just look up and realize that Madonna is onstage singing the song that you're dancing to".

Incidentally, he’ll be easy to find when you’re putting in your Siouxie and the Banshees request: He’ll be the guy dressed as a Powerpuff Girl.

“The music I’ve got lined up all sounds good together,” Dailor says, “and I’m really interested in seeing what’s going to happen when we get the two crowds together. I think there’ll be some cross-pollination going on.”

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