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Holy too much information, Batman! Most of the audio and video that you'll hear and see at AngstLAB is stored digitally on a hotrodded 320GB Maxtor Firewire hard drive. Audio-only material is encoded from CD's and vinyl into 128kBPS MP3 files using Poiksoft's CD-DA Extractor and Sonic Foundry's SoundForge software. Raw video is recorded digitally to disc by 3 Dell Poweredge video servers that monitor network and cable feeds around the clock for cool content, edited and mixed using Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video software and stored in NTSC VCD-format MPEG-1 files. Both audio and video files are played back on a pair of Sony VAIO laptops running custom software developed by Mike Dailor, AngstLAB's Director of Research. Nicknamed "DJ Sony", the player application is written in C++ and allows audio and video to be cued, beat-matched, looped, sliced, diced and julliened for mixing. Audio is output to an oldskool Numark mixer and patched into the house sound system, while video is fed through a Mixonics MX-1 digital video mixer into the house video distribution system. Ambient video is burned to Video CD's using Ahead's Nero Burning ROM software and played through dual Mintek 5110 DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 players which are also patched into the video mixer. Backup stone-age audio and video sourcing is provided by a VHS video player and a dual-well CD deck, and music during the first 20 minutes of the night (cuz it *does* take time to set all of this stuff up!) comes from an Apple iPod running the playlist o' the day.

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