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Record Crate: The Goth Box

1 //Alien Sex FiendI Walked The Line
2 //Android LustRefuse
3 //BatteryNevermore
4 //BatteryWarm
5 //Bel CantoUnicorn
6 //BjorkHidden Place
7 //CollideBeneath The Skin
8 //CollideDeep
9 //CollideViolet's Dance
10 //Concrete BlondeBloodletting (The Vampire Song)
11 //Crüxshadows, TheAve Maria
12 //Crüxshadows, TheDeception
13 //Crüxshadows, TheLeave Me Alone (Shaft 2020)
14 //Dead Can DanceCantara
15 //Dead Can DanceThe Carnival Is Over
16 //Dead Can DanceThe Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
17 //Dead Can DanceThe Wind That Shakes The Barley
18 //DeleriumDaylight
19 //DeleriumDuende
20 //DeleriumHeaven's Earth
21 //DeleriumSilence
22 //DeleriumSilence (Dance remix)
23 //Delierium feat. Sarah McLachlanSilence (Paul Okenfold remix)
24 //EnigmaSadness Part 1
25 //EvanescenceBring Me to Life
26 //EvanescenceEverybody's Fool
27 //EvanescenceGoing Under
28 //EvanescenceHaunted
29 //EvanescenceHello
30 //EvanescenceImaginary
31 //EvanescenceMy Immortal
32 //EvanescenceMy Last Breath
33 //EvanescenceTaking Over Me
34 //EvanescenceTourniquet
35 //EvanescenceWhisper
36 //Faith And The MuseCantus
37 //Faith and the MuseCernunnos
38 //Faith and the MuseElyria
39 //Faith and the MuseMercyground
40 //Faith And The MuseRunning Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
41 //Faith And The MuseSparks
42 //Faith and the MuseThe Silver Circle
43 //Front Line AssemblyFalling
44 //Gerard McMannCry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)
45 //Loreena McKennittDante's Prayer
46 //Loreena McKennittLa Serenissima
47 //Loreena McKennittMarco Polo
48 //Loreena McKennittNight Ride Across the Caucasus
49 //Loreena McKennittPrologue
50 //Loreena McKennittSkellig
51 //Loreena McKennittThe Highwayman
52 //Loreena McKennittThe Mummers' Dance
53 //Rosetta StoneAdrenaline (Mainline Mix)
54 //Rosetta StoneThe Witch (Remix Edit)
55 //Sarah McLachlanSweet Surrender
56 //spinnwebe.comAbe Vigoda's Dead (Premortem Mix)
57 //Switchblade SymphonyBad Trash
58 //Switchblade SymphonyClown
59 //Switchblade SymphonyClown (Astralasia Remix)
60 //Switchblade SymphonyClown (Leatherstrip Mix)
61 //Switchblade SymphonyWallflower
62 //Thou Shalt NotIf I Only Were A Goth
63 //Type O NegativeBlack No.1 (Little Miss Scare All)
64 //Type O NegativeBloody Kisses
65 //Type O NegativeCinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover)
66 //Type O NegativeDay Tripper
67 //Type O NegativeHaunted
68 //Type O NegativeLight My Fire (Live Doors cover)
69 //Type O NegativeLove You To Death
70 //Type O NegativeLove You To Death (Edit)
71 //Type O NegativeMy Girlfriend's Girlfriend
72 //Type O NegativeSummer Breeze (Seals & Croft cover)
73 //Type O NegativeWolf Moon
74 //Velvet Acid ChristSlut
75 //VoltaireWhen You're Evil
76 //WillFurnace Rekindled
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