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Record Crate: Underground 80's

1 //A Flock of SeagullsBurning Up (Pigface Remix)
2 //A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran
3 //A Flock of SeagullsI Ran (Die Krupps Remix)
4 //A Flock of SeagullsRainfall (Spahn Ranch Remix)
5 //A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song
6 //A Flock of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song (KMFDM Remix)
7 //A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication
8 //A Flock of SeagullsTelecommunication (JLAB Remix)
9 //A Flock of SeagullsThe More You Live (Mission UK)
10 //A Flock of SeagullsWishing (Intra-Venus Remix)
11 //A Split SecondRigor Mortis
12 //A Split SecondRigor Mortis (Trancee-Stylee RSW remix)
13 //A Split SecondRigor Mortis (Transient Straight Mix)
14 //ABCBe Near Me
15 //ABCSay It (Black Box mix)
16 //ABCThe Look of Love
17 //ABCVanity Kills
18 //Adam and the AntsAnt Music
19 //Adam AntBeat my Guest
20 //Adam AntGoody Two Shoes
21 //Adam AntPhysical (You're So)
22 //Adam AntPrince Charming
23 //Adam AntRoom At The Top
24 //Adam AntWonderful
25 //A-HaCry Wolf
26 //A-HaHunting High And Low
27 //A-HaTake on Me
28 //A-HaTake On Me (Techno cover)
29 //A-HaThe Sun Always Shines On TV
30 //AlphavilleBig in Japan
31 //AlphavilleForever Young
32 //AlphavilleForever young (Special Extended mix)
33 //AlphavilleForever Young (Techno Mix)
34 //AlphavilleSummer In Berlin
35 //AnimotionObsession
36 //Anything BoxLiving In Oblivion
37 //Apartments, TheThe Shyest Time
38 //Au PairsCome Again
39 //Aztec CameraHow Men Are
40 //B-52's52 Girls
41 //B-52's53 Miles West Of Venus
42 //B-52'sBushfire
43 //B-52'sChannel Z
44 //B-52'sCosmic Thing
45 //B-52'sDeadbeat Club
46 //B-52'sDevil In My Car
47 //B-52'sDirty Back Road
48 //B-52'sDry County
49 //B-52'sFollow Your Bliss
50 //B-52'sGive Me Back My Man
51 //B-52'sJunebug
52 //B-52'sLove Shack
53 //B-52'sParty Out Of Bounds
54 //B-52'sPrivate Idaho
55 //B-52'sQuiche Lorraine
56 //B-52'sRoam
57 //B-52'sRunnin' Around
58 //B-52'sStrobe Light
59 //B-52'sTopaz
60 //Bangles, TheIn Your Room
61 //BauhausBela Lugosi's Dead
62 //BauhausKick in the Eye
63 //BauhausKick In The Eye
64 //BauhausShe's In Parties
65 //BauhausStigmata Martyr
66 //BauhausThe Passion Of Lovers
67 //Beastie BoysBrass Monkey
68 //Beastie BoysFight For Your Right
69 //Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till Brooklyn
70 //Beastie BoysSabatoge
71 //BelovedDon't You Worry
72 //BelovedFound
73 //BelovedHello
74 //BelovedI Love You More
75 //BelovedScarlet Beautiful
76 //BelovedThe Sun Rising
77 //BelovedTime After Time
78 //BelovedUp, Up and Away
79 //BelovedWake Up Soon
80 //BelovedYour Love Takes Me Higher
81 //BerlinNo More Words
82 //BerlinSex (I'm a...)
83 //BerlinThe Metro
84 //Big Audio Dynamite IIRush
85 //Big Audio Dynamite IIThe Globe
86 //Big BlackKerosene
87 //Big CountryIn a Big Country
88 //Bigod 20Carpe Diem (Transmission Mix)
89 //Billy IdolDancin With Myself
90 //Billy IdolDon't Need A Gun (MeltDown mix)
91 //Billy IdolEyes Without A Face
92 //Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy
93 //Billy IdolHot in the City
94 //Billy IdolMony Mony (Live)
95 //Billy IdolRebel Yell
96 //Billy IdolRock the Cradle of Love
97 //Billy IdolSpeed
98 //Billy IdolTo be a lover
99 //Billy IdolWhite Wedding
100 //BlancmangeDon't Tell Me
101 //Blue Öyster CultDon't Fear the Reaper
102 //Blue Öyster CultGodzilla
103 //Bolshoi, TheA Way
104 //Bolshoi, TheA Way (Razormaid mix)
105 //Bolshoi, TheA Way II (Extended version)
106 //Bolshoi, TheHappy Boy
107 //Bolshoi, TheTV Man
108 //Boo RadleysThere She Goes Again (La's Cover)
109 //Book of LoveI Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
110 //Book Of LoveTubular Bells
111 //Bow Wow WowI Want Candy (Strangeloves cover)
112 //Boys Son't CryI Wanna Be A Cowboy
113 //Bronski BeatHit That Perfect Beat (techno mix)
114 //Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy
115 //Bryan FerryKiss and Tell
116 //Buggles, TheClean Clean (Extended Mix By John Bice)
117 //Buggles, TheVideo Killed the Radio Star
118 //Cabaret VoltaireSensoria
119 //Call, TheThe Walls Came Down
120 //CamouflageLove Is A Shield
121 //CamouflageLove Is A Shield (12 Inch mix)
122 //CamouflageNeighbours
123 //CamouflageStranger Thoughts
124 //CamouflageThat Smiling Face
125 //CamouflageThe Great Commandment
126 //CamouflageThe Great Commandment (Justin Strauss Remix)
127 //Camper Van BeethovenEye of Fatima
128 //Camper Van BeethovenTake The Skinheads Bowling
129 //Captain SensibleWot
130 //Cars, TheDrive
131 //Cars, TheGood Times Roll
132 //Cars, TheHeartbeat City
133 //Cars, TheI'm Not the One
134 //Cars, TheJust What I Needed
135 //Cars, TheLet's Go
136 //Cars, TheMagic
137 //Cars, TheMoving In Stereo
138 //Cars, TheMy Best Friend's Girl
139 //Cars, TheShake It Up
140 //Cars, TheSince You're Gone
141 //Cars, TheTonight She Comes
142 //Cars, TheTouch and Go
143 //Cars, TheYou Might Think
144 //Casual Gods, TheCherokee Chief
145 //CaterwaulManna And Quail
146 //Chameleons UKAs High As You Can Go
147 //Chameleons UKSwamp Thing
148 //Chameleons UKSwamp Thing (Live)
149 //Chameleons UKTears
150 //Chameleons, TheIn Shreds
151 //Charlatans UKThe Only One I Know
152 //Charlatans UKWeirdo
153 //China CrisisKing In A Catholic Way
154 //Church, TheMetropolis
155 //Church, TheReptile
156 //Church, TheThe Unguarded Moment
157 //Church, TheUnder The Milky Way
158 //Circle JerksGolden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)
159 //Circle JerksJunk Mail
160 //Circle JerksWhen the Shit Hits the Fan
161 //Clan Of XymoxA Day
162 //Clan Of XymoxDancing Barefoot (Patti Smith cover)
163 //Clan Of XymoxGoing Round '97
164 //Clan Of XymoxImagination (Extended Mix)
165 //Clan of XymoxObsession
166 //Clan Of XymoxObsession [club mix]
167 //Clan of XymoxStranger Remix
168 //Clash, TheI Fought the Law
169 //Clash, TheLondon Calling
170 //Clash, TheRock the Casbah
171 //Clash, TheShould I Stay Or Should I Go-
172 //Clash, TheThis Is Radio Clash
173 //Clash, TheTrain in Vain
174 //Claudia BrückenKiss Like Ether
175 //Claudia BrückenKiss Like Ether (As Pure)
176 //Comsat Angels, TheYou Move Me
177 //Concrete BlondeJoey
178 //Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over
179 //Cult, TheComing Down
180 //Cult, TheFire Woman
181 //Cult, TheLove Removal Machine
182 //Cult, TheRain
183 //Cult, TheRise
184 //Cult, TheShe Sells Sanctuary
185 //Cult, TheSpiritwalker
186 //Cult, TheThe Witch
187 //Cult, TheWar (The Process)
188 //Culture ClubMiss Me Blind (Single)
189 //Culture ClubMiss Me Blind (US 12" Mix)
190 //Cure, TheA Letter To Elise
191 //Cure, TheCharlotte Sometimes
192 //Cure, TheDisintegration
193 //Cure, TheFascination Street
194 //Cure, TheFriday I'm In Love
195 //Cure, TheHello I Love You (Doors cover)
196 //Cure, TheHigh
197 //Cure, TheHot Hot Hot !!!
198 //Cure, TheJust Like Heaven
199 //Cure, TheLet's Go To Bed
200 //Cure, TheLet's Go To Bed (Unplugged)
201 //Cure, TheLovesong (Extended Mix)
202 //Cure, TheLullaby
203 //Cure, TheMaybe Someday
204 //Cure, TheOut Of This World
205 //Cure, ThePictures Of You
206 //Cure, ThePrayers For Rain
207 //Cure, TheThe Love Cats
208 //Cure, TheTorture
209 //Cure, TheWhy Can't I Be You
210 //Cutting CrewI Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
211 //Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want To Have Fun
212 //Cyndi LauperShe Bop
213 //Damned, TheIn Dulce Decorum
214 //Daniel AshThis Love (Album version)
215 //Danny Hutton HittersWouldn't It Be Nice (Nik Kershaw cover)
216 //David BowieAshes To Ashes
217 //David BowieLittle Wonder
218 //David BowieLittle Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)
219 //David Bowie and QueenUnder Pressure
220 //Dead KennedysToo Drunk to Fuck
221 //Dead MilkmenBitchin' Camaro
222 //Dead MilkmenIf You Love Someone Set Them on Fire
223 //Dead MilkmenInstant Club Hit
224 //Dead MilkmenPunk Rock Girl
225 //Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Dance mix).mp3
226 //Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
227 //Depeche ModeA Question Of Lust
228 //Depeche ModeA Question Of Lust (Live)
229 //Depeche ModeA Question Of Time
230 //Depeche ModeA Question Of Time (Live)
231 //Depeche ModeBarrel Of A Gun
232 //Depeche ModeBehind The Wheel
233 //Depeche ModeBehind the Wheel (Disconet mix)
234 //Depeche ModeBehind The Wheel / Route 66
235 //Depeche ModeBehind The Wheel Live)
236 //Depeche ModeBlack Celebration (Live)
237 //Depeche ModeBlasphemous Rumours (Live)
238 //Depeche ModeCondemnation
239 //Depeche ModeDead Of Night
240 //Depeche ModeDream On
241 //Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence
242 //Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Sasha & Digweed mix)
243 //Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence (The Quad- Final Mix)
244 //Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence [Hollywood Mix]
245 //Depeche ModeEverything Counts (Live - Delete me!)
246 //Depeche ModeFly on the Windscreen
247 //Depeche ModeHalo
248 //Depeche ModeHalo (Dark Tone Mix)
249 //Depeche ModeHome
250 //Depeche ModeI Feel Loved
251 //Depeche ModeI Feel You
252 //Depeche ModeIn Your Room
253 //Depeche ModeIn Your Room (Dark Vibes mix)
254 //Depeche ModeIt's No Good
255 //Depeche ModeIt's No Good (BT remix)
256 //Depeche ModeIt's No Good (Paul Oakenfold mix)
257 //Depeche ModeIts No Good (Hard Floor Mix)
258 //Depeche ModeJust Can't Get Enough
259 //Depeche ModeJust Can't Get Enough (Live)
260 //Depeche ModeJust Cant Get Enough (Disconet remix)
261 //Depeche ModeLittle 15
262 //Depeche ModeMaster And Servant
263 //Depeche ModeMaster And Servant (Live)
264 //Depeche ModeMaster and Servant (Whip mix)
265 //Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down Again
266 //Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down Again (12" Mix)
267 //Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down Again (Live)
268 //Depeche ModeNothing (Live)
269 //Depeche ModeOnly When I Lose Myself
270 //Depeche ModePeople Are People
271 //Depeche ModePeople Are People (Live)
272 //Depeche ModePersonal Jesus
273 //Depeche ModePimpf
274 //Depeche ModePleasure Little Treasure (Live)
275 //Depeche ModePolicy Of Truth
276 //Depeche ModePolicy of Truth (Art of Noise Remix)
277 //Depeche ModePolicy of Truth (Capital Remix)
278 //Depeche ModePolicy Of Truth (KLF Mix)
279 //Depeche ModeRoute 66 (Niles Rogers Remix)
280 //Depeche ModeSacred (Live)
281 //Depeche ModeSee You
282 //Depeche ModeShake the Disease
283 //Depeche ModeShake The Disease (Live)
284 //Depeche ModeShine
285 //Depeche ModeSomebody (Live)
286 //Depeche ModeSomething To Do (Live)
287 //Depeche ModeStrangelove
288 //Depeche ModeStrangelove (Blind Mix)
289 //Depeche ModeStrangeLove (BombTheBassRemix)
290 //Depeche ModeStrangelove (Live)
291 //Depeche ModeStripped
292 //Depeche ModeStripped (Live)
293 //Depeche ModeStripped (Tricky Perversion Mix)
294 //Depeche ModeThings You Said (Live)
295 //Depeche ModeUseless
296 //Depeche ModeUseless (CJ Bolland Funky Sub Mix)
297 //Depeche ModeUseless (Kruder + Dorfmeister Session)
298 //Depeche ModeUseless (Remix)
299 //Depeche ModeWalking In My Shoes
300 //Depeche ModeWorld In My Eyes
301 //Depeche ModeWorld In My Eyes (Razormaid mix)
302 //DevoGirl U Want
303 //DevoHead Like A Hole (Nine Inch Nails cover)
304 //DEVOSatisfaction (Rolling Stones cover)
305 //Die Toten HosenAlles Aus Liebe
306 //Die Toten HosenPushed Again
307 //Die WarzauJack Hammer
308 //Die WarzauLand Of The Free
309 //Die WarzauMan Is Meat
310 //Die WarzauStrike To The Body
311 //DivinylsI Touch Myself
312 //Duran DuranA View to a Kill
313 //Duran DuranAll She Wants Is
314 //Duran DuranBall Of Confusion (Love & Rockets cover)
315 //Duran DuranBig Bang Generation
316 //Duran DuranCome Undone
317 //Duran DuranDrowning Man (Remix)
318 //Duran DuranElectric Barbarella
319 //Duran DuranGirls on Film
320 //Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf
321 //Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf (Live Acoustic)
322 //Duran DuranI Don't Want Your Love
323 //Duran DuranI Wanna Take You Higher Again (Sly cover)
324 //Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know
325 //Duran DuranNotorious
326 //Duran DuranOrdinary World
327 //Duran DuranPlanet Earth
328 //Duran DuranRio
329 //Duran DuranSave a Prayer
330 //Duran DuranSkin Trade
331 //Duran DuranThe Reflex
332 //Duran DuranToo Much Information
333 //Duran DuranToo Much Information (LP Version)
334 //Duran DuranUnion of the Snake
335 //Duran DuranWhite Lines (Grandmaster Flash cover)
336 //Duran DuranWild Boys
337 //EBN-OZNAEIOU Sometimes Y
338 //Echo & The BunnymenLips Like Sugar
339 //Echo & The BunnymenLips Like Sugar (12" Mix)
340 //Echo & The BunnymenThe Cutter
341 //Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon
342 //Echo &The BunnymenBring On The Dancing Horses
343 //Echo And The BunnymenWhen You're Strange
344 //Elvis CostelloEveryday I Write The Book
345 //EMFUnbelievable
346 //EMFUnbelievable (12 Inch mix)
347 //ErasureA Little Respect
348 //ErasureChains of Love (Edit)
349 //ErasureChains of Love (Remix).mp3
350 //ErasureHeart of Glass (Blondie cover)
351 //ErasureHideaway (Remix)
352 //ErasureOh L'Amour
353 //ErasureWho Needs Love (Like That)
354 //EurythmicsHere Comes The Rain Again
355 //EurythmicsSweet Dreams
356 //EurythmicsWho's That Girl
357 //EurythmicsWould I Lie To You
358 //Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot
359 //FalcoDer Komissar
360 //FalcoRock Me Amadeus (12' American Edition)
361 //FalcoRock Me Amadeus (Extended dance mix)
362 //FalcoRock Me Amadeus (German Single)
363 //FalcoRock Me Amadeus (Single)
364 //Fall, TheTotally Wired
365 //Fiction FactoryFeels Like Heaven
366 //Figures On A BeachNo Stars
367 //Fine Young CannibalsShe Drives Me Crazy
368 //Fixx, TheOne Thing Leads To Another
369 //Fixx, TheRed Skies at Night
370 //Fixx, TheSaved By Zero
371 //Fixx, TheStand Or Fall
372 //Fixx, TheStand Or Fall (Live)
373 //Flesh For LuluI Go Crazy
374 //Flesh For LuluI Go Crazy (12 inch mix)
375 //Flesh For LuluPostcards From Paradise
376 //Flesh For LuluSleeping Dogs
377 //Flesh For LuluSooner Or Later
378 //Flesh For LuluTime And Space
379 //Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax
380 //Freddie MercuryThe Great Pretender (Platters cover)
381 //Front 242Religious Headhunter
382 //Fun Boy ThreeOur Lips Are Sealed
383 //FurnitureBrilliant Mind
384 //Gang of FourI Love A Man In A Uniform
385 //Gang Of FourTo Hell With Poverty
386 //Gary NumanAre 'Friends' Electric- (Live)
387 //Gary NumanCars (Extended Premier Mix)
388 //Gary NumanCars (Premier Mix)
389 //Gary NumanDown in the Park (Live)
390 //Gene Loves JezebelDesire (12" mix)
391 //Gene Loves JezebelDesire (Come and Get It)
392 //Gene Loves JezebelJealous
393 //Gene Loves JezebelLove Keeps Dragging Me Down
394 //Gene Loves JezebelThe Motion Of Love
395 //Go WestWe Close Our Eyes
396 //Godfathers, TheBirth, School, Work, Death
397 //Golden EarringTwilight Zone
398 //Gruesome TwosomeHallucination Generation
399 //Haircut One HundredFavorite Shirt
400 //Haircut One HundredLove Plus One
401 //Heaven 17Let Me Go (UK 12 Inch Mix)
402 //Heaven 17Let Me Go (Vocal Intro Remix)
403 //Heaven 17Temptation
404 //Howard JonesEverlasting Love
405 //Howard JonesLife In One Day
406 //Howard JonesLike to Get to Know You Well
407 //Howard JonesNo One Is To Blame
408 //Howard JonesThings Can Only Get Better
409 //Howard JonesWhat Is Love
410 //Human League, The(Keep Feeling) Fascination
411 //Hüsker DüCould You Be The One
412 //I'm An Adult NowPursuit Of Happiness
413 //IcehouseElectric Blue
414 //IcehouseHey Little Girl
415 //Ice-TThe Girl Tried To Kill
416 //Icicle Works, TheBirds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)
417 //Iggy PopThe Passenger
418 //ImaginationIllusion
419 //Information Society1,000,000 Watts of Love
420 //Information SocietyA Knife and a Fork
421 //Information SocietyAre Friends Electric 2.0
422 //Information SocietyDark Companion
423 //Information SocietyHard Currency
424 //Information SocietyLay All Your Love On Me (Abba cover)
425 //Information SocietyPeace & Love Incorporated
426 //Information SocietyRunning
427 //Information SocietySeek 200
428 //Information SocietyWalking Away
429 //Information SocietyWhat's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
430 //Information SocietyWhere Would I Be Without IBM
431 //INXSBeautiful Girl
432 //INXSDeliver Me
433 //INXSDevil Inside
434 //INXSDisappear
435 //INXSDo Wot You Do
436 //INXSHeaven Sent
437 //INXSListen Like Thieves
438 //INXSNeed You Tonight
439 //INXSNever Tear Us Apart
440 //INXSNew Sensation
441 //INXSOriginal Sin
442 //INXSShine Like It Does
443 //INXSSuicide Blonde
444 //INXSThe One Thing
445 //INXSThe Stairs
446 //INXSThe Strangest Party
447 //INXSWhat You Need
448 //Jeremy DaysBrand New Toy
449 //Jesse JohnsonGet To Know Ya
450 //Jesus And Mary ChainHead On
451 //Jesus And Mary ChainReverence
452 //Jesus And Mary ChainThe Hardest Walk
453 //Jesus JonesRight Here, Right Now (12 Inch mix)
454 //Jim Carroll BandPeople Who Died
455 //Joan JettI Love Rock And Roll (Early version with Sex Pistols)
456 //Joan Jett & The BlackheartsBad Reputation
457 //Joan Jett & The BlackheartsCrimson and Clover
458 //Joan Jett & The BlackheartsDo You Wanna Touch
459 //Joan Jett & The BlackheartsI Love Rock & Roll (Ultimix).mp3
460 //Joan Jett & The BlackheartsI Love Rock 'N Roll
461 //JoBoxersJust Got Lucky
462 //Johnny Hates JazzShattered Dreams
463 //Joy DivisionDead Souls
464 //Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart
465 //Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart Again
466 //Joy DivisionShe's Lost Control
467 //Judas PriestBreaking The Law
468 //Judas PriestLiving After Midnight
469 //Julian CopeWorld Shut Your Mouth
470 //KajagoogooToo Shy
471 //Katrina & The WavesWalking On Sunshine
472 //Killing JokeDemocracy (Conspiracy Theory Averted - Charlie Clouser mix)
473 //Killing JokeEighties
474 //Killing JokeLove Like Blood
475 //KLF, The(Dancing) Queen & I
476 //KLF, The3 A.M. Eternal (Live)
477 //KLF, TheBuild A Fire
478 //KLF, TheChurch Of The Klf
479 //KLF, TheDancing Queen (ABBA cover... sort of)
480 //KLF, TheJustified And Ancient
481 //KLF, TheLast Train To Transcentral (Li
482 //KLF, TheMake It Rain
483 //KLF, TheThe White Room
484 //KLF, TheWhat Time Is Love- (LP Mix)
485 //Knack, TheMy Sharona
486 //La TourPeople Are Still Having Sex
487 //LiLiPUTDie Matrosen
488 //Living In A BoxLiving In A Box
489 //Lords Of The New ChurchDance With Me
490 //Lords Of The New ChurchLike A Virgin (Madonna cover)
491 //Love & RocketsHaunted (When The Minutes Drag)
492 //Love and RocketsAll in My Mind
493 //Love and RocketsBall of Confusion
494 //Love And RocketsSo Alive
495 //MadnessOne Step Beyond
496 //MadnessOur House
497 //MadonnaBorderline
498 //MagazineThe Light Pours Out Of Me
499 //March VioletsMiss Amanda Jones
500 //March VioletsTurn To The Sky
501 //Maria McKeeShow Me Heaven
502 //Marshall CrenshawSomeday, Some Way
503 //Martha And The MuffinsEcho Beach
504 //Men At WorkIt's a Mistake
505 //Men at WorkWho Can It Be Now
506 //Men Without HatsThe Safety Dance
507 //Midge UreIf I Was
508 //Midnight OilBeds Are Burning
509 //Midnight OilThe Dead Heart
510 //Mighty Lemon DropsInside Out
511 //Mighty Lemon DropsOut
512 //MinistryAll Day
513 //MinistryCold Life
514 //MinistryEffigy (I'm Not An)
515 //MinistryEveryday Is Halloween
516 //MinistryHalloween (Remix)
517 //MinistryRevenge
518 //MinistryStigmata
519 //MinistryThe Nature Of Love
520 //MinistryWork For Love
521 //Missing PersonsDestination Unknown
522 //Missing PersonsDestination Unknown (Mission UK Mix)
523 //Missing PersonsDestination Unknown (TV Mania Remix)
524 //Missing PersonsI Like Boys (Sheep On Drugs Remix)
525 //Missing PersonsMental Hopscotch
526 //Missing PersonsWalking In L.A.
527 //Missing PersonsWords
528 //Missing PersonsWords (Julian Beeston Remix)
529 //Mission UKHands Across The Ocean
530 //Mission UKWasteland
531 //Modern EnglishI Melt With You
532 //MoevCapital Heaven
533 //MoevCrucify Me
534 //MoevCrucify Me (12 Inch mix)
535 //MoevHead Down
536 //MoevIn & Out
537 //MoevOpen mind
538 //MoevSentencing
539 //MoevSlide
540 //MoevSuffer
541 //MoevWanting
542 //MoevYeah, Whatever (12 Inch mix)
543 //MorrisseyEveryday Is Like Sunday
544 //MorrisseyNovember Spawned A Monster
545 //Mr. MisterIs It Love
546 //Mr. MisterKyrie
547 //My Bloody ValentineHoney Power
548 //My Bloody ValentineSoon
549 //Naked Eyes(What) In The Name Of Love
550 //Naked EyesPromises, Promises
551 //Nena99 Red Balloons
552 //New Order1963 -95
553 //New OrderAll Day Long
554 //New OrderAngel Dust
555 //New OrderAs It Is When It Was
556 //New OrderBizarre Love Triangle
557 //New OrderBizarre Love Triangle (LP Version)
558 //New OrderBlue Monday -88
559 //New OrderBroken Promise
560 //New OrderBrutal
561 //New OrderChemical
562 //New OrderConfusion (Blade techno mix)
563 //New OrderDreams Never End
564 //New OrderElegia
565 //New OrderEvery Little Counts
566 //New OrderFace Up
567 //New OrderFine Time
568 //New OrderLet's Go (Nothing for Me)
569 //New OrderLove Vigilantes
570 //New OrderParadise
571 //New OrderRegret
572 //New OrderRegret
573 //New OrderRound & Round -94
574 //New OrderRuined in a Day
575 //New OrderRun
576 //New OrderShell-Shock
577 //New OrderSooner Than You Think
578 //New OrderSpooky
579 //New OrderSpooky (Stadium Mix)
580 //New OrderSub-Culture
581 //New OrderSunrise
582 //New OrderThe Perfect Kiss
583 //New OrderThe Perfect Kiss
584 //New OrderThis Time of Night
585 //New OrderTouched by the Hand of God
586 //New OrderTrue Faith (Morning Sun remix)
587 //New OrderTrue Faith -94
588 //New OrderVanishing Point
589 //New OrderWay Of Life
590 //New OrderWeirdo
591 //New OrderWorld
592 //New OrderWorld
593 //New OrderWorld in Motion
594 //New OrderWorld in Motion
595 //Nick LoweCruel To Be Kind
596 //Nik KershawWouldn't It Be Good
597 //Nitzer EbbControl I'm Here (Razormaid mix)
598 //Nitzer EbbJoin in the Chant (Burn mix)
599 //Normal, TheWarm Leatherette
600 //Nu ShoesI Can't Wait
601 //Numan, GaryCars ('93 Sprint)
602 //Numan, GaryCars (Classic)
603 //Numan, GaryCars (E. Reg)
604 //Numan, GaryCars (Endurance)
605 //Numan, GaryCars (Motorway)
606 //Numan, GaryCars (Multivalve)
607 //Numan, GaryCars (Top Gear)
608 //OMDDreaming
609 //OMDEnola Gay
610 //OMDIf You Leave
611 //OMDSecret
612 //OMDSo In Love
613 //OMDTesla Girls
614 //Opus IIIWhen You Made The Mountain
615 //Other Ones, TheHoliday
616 //Outfield, TheYour Love
617 //PailheadI Will Refuse
618 //Paul Hardcastle19
619 //Pet Shop BoysAlways On My Mind (Willie Nelson cover)
620 //Pet Shop BoysBeing Boring
621 //Pet Shop BoysDomino Dancing
622 //Pet Shop BoysHeart
623 //Pet Shop BoysIt's A Sin
624 //Pet Shop BoysLeft To My Own Devices
625 //Pet Shop BoysLove Comes Quickly
626 //Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)
627 //Pet Shop BoysRent
628 //Pet Shop BoysSo Hard
629 //Pet Shop BoysSuburbia
630 //Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls
631 //Pet Shop BoysWhat Have I Done To Deserve This
632 //Pete ShelleyDo Anything
633 //Pete ShelleyHomosapien (Original 12 inch mix)
634 //Peter GodwinImages Of Heaven
635 //Peter GodwinImages Of Heaven (Razormaid mix)
636 //Peter MurphyAll Night Long
637 //Peter MurphyCascade
638 //Peter MurphyCrystal Wrists
639 //Peter MurphyCuts You Up
640 //Peter MurphyCuts You Up (Live).mp3
641 //Peter MurphyCuts You Up (LP Version)
642 //Peter MurphyCuts You Up (Single)
643 //Peter MurphyDeep Ocean Vast Sea
644 //Peter MurphyDisappearing
645 //Peter MurphyGliding Like a Whale
646 //Peter MurphyHuuvola
647 //Peter MurphyI'll Fall With Your Knife
648 //Peter MurphyIndigo Eyes
649 //Peter MurphyKeep Me From Harm
650 //Peter MurphyKill The Hate
651 //Peter MurphyMercy Rain
652 //Peter MurphyMirror To My Woman's Mind
653 //Peter MurphySails Wave Goodbye
654 //Peter MurphySubway
655 //Peter MurphyThe Scarlet Thing In You
656 //Peter MurphyThe Sweetest Drop
657 //Peter MurphyWild Birds Flock To Me
658 //Peter MurphyYou're So Close
659 //Peter SchillingMajor Tom
660 //Plastic BertrandCa Plane Pour Moi
661 //Police, TheCan't Stand Losing You
662 //Police, TheDe Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
663 //Police, TheDon't Stand So Close to Me '86
664 //Police, TheEvery Breath You Take
665 //Police, TheEvery Little Thing She Does is
666 //Police, TheInvisible Sun
667 //Police, TheKing of Pain
668 //Police, TheMessage in a Bottle
669 //Police, TheRoxanne
670 //Police, TheSpirits in the Material World
671 //Police, TheVoices Inside My Head
672 //Police, TheWalking on the Moon
673 //Police, TheWrapped Around Your Finger
674 //Power StationBang A Gong (Get It On)
675 //Power StationGet It on (Bang a Gong)
676 //Power StationSome Like it Hot
677 //PretendersBack On The Chain Gang
678 //PretendersBrass In Pocket
679 //PretendersMessage of Love
680 //PretendersMiddle of the Road
681 //PretendersTalk of the Town
682 //PretendersTatooed Love Boys
683 //PropagandaDr. Mabuse
684 //PropagandaDuel
685 //PropagandaLoved
686 //PropagandaP-Machinery
687 //Pseudo EchoFunky Town (Lipps Inc. cover)
688 //Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink
689 //Psychedelic Furs, TheAll That Money Wants
690 //Psychedelic Furs, TheHeartbreak Beat
691 //Psychedelic Furs, TheHeaven
692 //Psychedelic Furs, TheHere Come Cowboys
693 //Psychedelic Furs, TheLove My Way
694 //Psychedelic Furs, TheMidnight To Midnight
695 //Psychedelic Furs, TheOne More Word
696 //Psychedelic Furs, TheShadow In My Heart
697 //Psychedelic Furs, TheShock
698 //Psychedelic Furs, TheThe Ghost In You
699 //Public Image Ltd.Public Image
700 //Public Image Ltd.Seattle
701 //Public Image Ltd.The Body
702 //Public Image Ltd.This Is Not A Love Song
703 //R.E.M.Finest Worksong
704 //R.E.M.It's The End Of The World As We Know It
705 //R.E.M.Orange Crush
706 //R.E.M.The One I Love
707 //R.E.M.What's the Frequency Kenneth?
708 //RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop
709 //RamonesBonzo Goes To Bitburg
710 //RamonesDo You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?
711 //RamonesI Wanna Be Sedated
712 //RamonesI Wanna Live
713 //RamonesMomma's Boy
714 //RamonesRock 'n' Roll High School
715 //RamonesSheena Is A Punk Rocker
716 //RamonesSusy is a Headbanger
717 //RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby Away
718 //RamonesWe're A Happy Family
719 //Real LifeSend me an Angel
720 //Red FlagRescue (Razormaid remix)
721 //Red FlagRussian Radio
722 //Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground
723 //ReflexThe Politics Of Dancing
724 //Replacements, TheAlex Chilton
725 //Replacements, TheCan't Hardly
726 //Replacements, TheI'll Be You
727 //Revolting CocksDa Ya Think I'm Sexy (Rod Stewart cover)
728 //Revolting CocksPhysical (Let's Get)
729 //Romantics, TheOne In A Million
730 //Romantics, TheTalking in Your Sleep
731 //Romeo VoidA Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
732 //Romeo VoidNever Say Never
733 //Romeo VoidNever Say Never
734 //Roxy MusicAvalon
735 //Roxy MusicLove Is The Drug
736 //Savage ProgressMy Soul Unwraps Tonight
737 //Scritti PolittiPerfect Way
738 //SealCrazy
739 //SealCrazy (William Orbit Mix)
740 //Sex Pistols(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
741 //Sex PistolsAnarchy in the UK
742 //Sex PistolsPistols Medley
743 //ShriekbackLined Up
744 //ShriekbackNemesis
745 //ShriekbackNemesis
746 //Sigue Sigue SputnikLove Missile F1-11
747 //Simple MindsAlive and Kicking
748 //Simple MindsAll the Things She Said
749 //Simple MindsDon't You (Forget about me)
750 //Simple MindsDon't You Forget About Me (12" Mix)
751 //Simple MindsGhostdancing
752 //Simple MindsGlittering Prize
753 //Simple MindsLove Song
754 //Simple MindsPromised You a Miracle
755 //Simple MindsSanctify Yourself
756 //Simple MindsSee the Lights
757 //Simple MindsSomeone, Somewhere in Summertime
758 //Simple MindsThe American
759 //Simple MindsWaterfront
760 //Sinead O'ConnerMandinka
761 //Sinead O'ConnorI Am Stretched On Your Grave
762 //Sinead O'ConnorThe Emperor's New Clothes
763 //Sinead O'ConnorYou Made Me The Thief of Your Heart
764 //Sinead O'ConnorYou Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart (Inch Stained mix)
765 //Siouxsie And The BansheesCities In Dust
766 //Siouxsie And The BansheesDazzle
767 //Siouxsie And The BansheesDear Prudence
768 //Siouxsie And The BansheesFear [Of The Unknown]
769 //Siouxsie And The BansheesKiss Them For Me
770 //Siouxsie And The BansheesPeek-A-Boo
771 //Siouxsie And The BansheesThe Passenger
772 //Siouxsie And The BansheesThis Wheel's On Fire
773 //Sisters of MercyDetonation Boulevard
774 //Sisters of MercyDominion - Mother Russia
775 //Sisters of MercyFirst and Last and Always
776 //Sisters of MercyFlood II
777 //Sisters of MercyGimme Shelter (Rolling Stones cover)
778 //Sisters of MercyKiss The Carpet
779 //Sisters of MercyLucretia My Reflection
780 //Sisters of MercyMarian (Version)
781 //Sisters of MercyMore
782 //Sisters of MercyRibbons
783 //Sisters of MercyTemple of Love
784 //Sisters of MercyTemple of Love (Original version)
785 //Sisters of MercyThis Corrosion
786 //Sisters of MercyVision Thing
787 //Sisters of MercyWhen You Don't See Me
788 //Sly FoxLet's Go All The Way
789 //Smithereens,TheBlood And Roses
790 //Smiths, TheAsk
791 //Smiths, TheBigmouth Strikes Again
792 //Smiths, TheGirlfriend In A Coma
793 //Smiths, TheHalf A Person
794 //Smiths, TheHand In Glove
795 //Smiths, TheHeaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
796 //Smiths, TheHow Soon Is Now
797 //Smiths, TheI Started Something I Couldn't Finish
798 //Smiths, TheLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
799 //Smiths, ThePanic
800 //Smiths, ThePlease Please Please
801 //Smiths, TheRubber Ring
802 //Smiths, TheShakespeare's Sister
803 //Smiths, TheSheila Take a Bow
804 //Smiths, TheShoplifters Of The World Unite
805 //Smiths, TheSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others
806 //Smiths, TheStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
807 //Smiths, TheThat Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
808 //Smiths, TheThe Boy with the Thorn in His Side
809 //Smiths, TheThere Is a Light That Never Goes Out
810 //Smiths, TheThis Charming Man
811 //Smiths, TheWhat Difference Does It Make
812 //Smiths, TheWilliam, It Was Really Nothing
813 //Smiths, TheWork Is A Four-Letter Word
814 //SohoHippychick
815 //Sonic YouthKool Thing
816 //Soup Dragons, TheDivine Thing
817 //Soup Dragons, TheI'm Free
818 //Soup Dragons, ThePleasure
819 //Spandau BalletGold
820 //Spandau BalletTrue
821 //SparksI Predict
822 //Split EnzShark Attack
823 //SqueezeBlack Coffee in Bed
824 //Stephen DuffyKiss Me
825 //StingAll This Time
826 //StingFortress Around Your Heart
827 //StingIf I Ever Lose My Faith In You
828 //StingIf You Love Somebody Set Them Free
829 //StingWe'll Be Together
830 //Stone RosesFools Gold
831 //Stone RosesI Wanna Be Adored
832 //Strawberry SwitchbladeSince Yesterday
833 //Stray Cats(She's) Sexy + 17
834 //Stray CatsRock This Town
835 //Stray CatsStray Cat Strut
836 //Sugarcubes, TheBirthday
837 //Suicidal TendenciesInstitutionalized
838 //Suzanne VegaLeft Of Center
839 //Suzanne VegaTom's Diner (A Cappella version)
840 //Suzanne VegaTom's Diner (DNA mix)
841 //SweetLove Is Like Oxygen
842 //Talk TalkIt's My Life
843 //Talk TalkIt's My Life
844 //Talk TalkIt's My Life (12" mix)
845 //Talk TalkIt's My Life (Liquid People 2003 Remix)
846 //Talk TalkLife's What You Make It
847 //Talk TalkSuch A Shame
848 //Talk TalkTalk Talk
849 //Tears For FearsChange
850 //Tears For FearsHead Over Heels
851 //Tears For FearsPale Shelter
852 //The CrampsFever
853 //The CrampsGarbageman
854 //The CrampsI Was A Teenage Werewolf
855 //The CrampsI Was A Teenage Werewolf (Orig
856 //The CrampsI'm Cramped
857 //The CrampsI'm Cramped (Original Mix)
858 //The CrampsMystery Plane
859 //The CrampsMystery Plane (Original Mix)
860 //The CrampsRock On The Moon
861 //The CrampsStrychnine
862 //The CrampsSunglasses After Dark
863 //The CrampsTear It Up
864 //The CrampsThe Mad Daddy
865 //The CrampsThe Mad Daddy (Original Mix)
866 //The CrampsTV Set
867 //The CrampsTwist and Shout
868 //The CrampsWhat's Behind The Mask
869 //The CrampsZombie Dance
870 //The StrangelovesI Want Candy
871 //The TheDogs Of Lust
872 //The TheSweet Bird of Truth
873 //The TheThis Is The Day
874 //The TheUncertain Smile
875 //Thomas DolbyOne Of Our Submarines
876 //Thompson TwinsDoctor! Doctor!
877 //Thompson TwinsHold Me Now
878 //Thompson TwinsHold Me Now
879 //Thompson TwinsIf You Were Here (Theme from 16 Candles)
880 //Til TuesdayVoices Carry
881 //Tin TinKiss Me
882 //Tourists, TheI Only Want To Be With You
883 //U2Even Better Than the Real Thing
884 //U2New Year's Day
885 //U2New Years Day (Ferry Corsten rave mix)
886 //U2Pride (In the Name of Love)
887 //U2Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
888 //U2Sunday Bloody Sunday
889 //U2With or Without You
890 //UltravoxDancing With Tears In My Eyes
891 //UltravoxHymn
892 //UltravoxReap The Wild Wind
893 //UltravoxVienna
894 //UltravoxWhite China
895 //Urban VerbsAcceleration
896 //Vanilla IceIce Ice Baby
897 //Vanilla IceToo Cold
898 //Violent FemmesGone Daddy Gone
899 //Violent FemmesKiss Off
900 //VisageFade To Gey
901 //Wall Of VoodooRing Of Fire
902 //Wang ChungDance Hall Days
903 //When in RomeThe Promise
904 //When In RomeThe Promise (ON mix)
905 //Wild SwansMelting Blue Delicious
906 //Wild Swans, TheYoung Manhood
907 //WireEardrum Buzz
908 //XBurning House Of Love
909 //X-Mal DeutschlandMondlicht
910 //XTCDear God
911 //YazooDon't Go
912 //YelloOh Yeah [Dance Mix]
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